Staying sane in an insane world

“All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.”

– Ambrose Bierce

Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Politics. War. Bullying. Drug busts. Talking smart phones. If you were from another world and you read the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald you would think the inhabitants of earth would be insane.

This is a world where we let our views be shaped by less than credible politicians, or worse, celebrities. A world where we we let our ego’s run wild in pursuit of never-ending desires; where the end justifies the means.

A world where we work excessive hours to earn large incomes so that we can afford to surround ourselves with disposable toys and possessions that we barely have enough time to use. We constantly put a value on leisure time but don’t know how to relax when we have it. We are brought up into a society that happily distributes drugs, both prescription and “recreational” because we don’t live healthy lives and need something to protect us from the unhealthy lifestyles we have decided are necessary for us.

We constantly try to balance ourselves to ‘normal’ but our ego’s won’t allow us to settle. In this globally interconnected world we are more altruistic than ever.  I think it’s sad that it takes an epic natural disaster, or the death of an icon, or a traumatic personal experience for people to wake up and smell the roses.

I encourage you to smell the roses on a daily basis.

Because life is too short to sit idly on the conveyer belt of insanity.


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