Ten things that make me smile

In no particular order:

1. Not waking up hungover after a big night out.

2. A really comfortable pair of shoes that look great and last forever.






3. Learning how to say something awesome in another language. C’est magnifique!

4. Driving in my car with the windows down, singing out loud to my favourite song (the daggier the better) and not caring if anyone hears me.

5. Baking.






6. Recieving a postcard or handwritten letter in the mail.

7. The anticipation at the top of a ski run or chairlift and looking out towards an expanse of fresh, fluffy, white powder snow and knowing I’ll be first person in the world to go through it.





8. Watching sunsets.

9. When my hair decides to behave and looks fantastic.

10. When you hear from someone out of the blue who you’ve been thinking about recently.


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