Ten things to do on a 26hr bus ride

1. Sleep. If you can. I suggest ear plugs, eye mask, a good pillow.

2. Read. I read an entire book and probably couldve read another two.

3. Eat. Pack snacks and water. I wished I had brought some booze too, wouldve helped with achieving point 1.

4. Chat. If you’re with fellow travellers this is easy, if you’re alone try speaking to the locals. At one stop a local started chatting to us but in Portuguese and despite our blank looks and attempts to tell him we didn’t understand, he kept chatting away anyway.

5. Write. I did a bit but because there were no folding tables it was all written on my lap and now I can’t even read it myself.

6. Plan the rest of your trip. I had some long discussions in my head about where I would like to go next. It made me rather anxious so I didn’t do this for too long.

7. Trying to find the most comfortable position. In between the sleeping, eating and chatting you are constantly trying to be comfortable. Legs out, legs crossed, left side, right side, arms up, arms crossed. It was rather futile because no matter how much you try you’re never going to be comfortable anyway.

8. Sing. Even if it annoys others, its something to take your mind off the time and the numbness in your legs.

9. Clean out your bag. Sand, tickets, wrappers, old receipts, This took a good hour or so.

10. Watch the scenery. Much of the scenery is the same; farmland, town, farmland, town. Some of it the same as back home, and every now and then you’ll see something interesting, like a very thin horse or children playing soccer barefoot.