A trip down memory lane: Ten things I found in my laptop bag

Today, in one of my cleaning frenzies, I emptied out my laptop bag. Much like when one empties out a wallet you find all sorts of weird and wonderful items. I hadn’t assessed the contents of my laptop bag for a while – obviously my laptop has been the only thing I’ve removed from there, and since I’ve had the bag I don’t think I cleaned it out much. So it was like opening up one of those time-machine chests that they made you do in school where you put silly pictures in so that children of ‘the future’ could see what life was like back in 1988. Anyway, it was a bit like opening a time machine, because the stuff I found all have specific stories and memories attached to them. So, without further ado, here is what I found…

1. House Keys. These keys are actually keys to my very first flat in Dubai. God knows why I still had them and what they were doing in my bag. That flat was like a half-way house, with all the comings and goings of different people that I think we got about 8 different sets of keys cut. I guess these were the forgotten set. I wonder if I can still go back to that beautiful flat in the Marina and sneak in to see what it looks like now?

2. Homemade birthday card. This was given to me for my 29th birthday by my friend’s gorgeous kids. They, their dad and my flatmate woke me up on my birthday at about 9am with breakfast in bed, a cupcake with a candle in it, a bunch of flowers and this cute card. It was almost enough to make me forget I had a raging hangover. Hopefully I don’t accidentally throw this out one day because it really does bring a smile to my face.

3. Boarding Pass to Nice. This was my first trip to Nice. It was organised at the very last minute as a friend of mine was also there visiting her boyfriend who was working on a yacht in Cannes. I wasn’t even sure if I could get on the flight (being on standby). But I was so glad I went as I had an amazing weekend, and even got to pose on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. It was then that my love affair with the South of France begun. (Yes, I photo-shopped my name out, I would like my anonymity to remain!)

4 & 5. French train tickets & timetable. This kind of goes with the boarding pass. When I arrived in Nice that first time, I had to catch a train to Cannes, normally a twenty minute ride away. Me, being easily distracted and confused, jumped on a bus heading in the opposite direction and ended up in Monaco. I eventually realised my folly that Cannes was not in the vicinity of Monaco, finally found the train station and made it to Cannes, 2 hours later. On my next trip to France, I decided to pick up a copy of the timetable to prevent these silly mistakes from ever happening again.

6. Dubai Metro ticket. I sporadically used the Metro when it first opened, and whilst it was a pleasant experience it didn’t stop me from still driving my car to work. However on closer inspection, I assessed the date on this ticket. I think this was around the time I crashed my car (or rather when someone crashed into my car) so I was forced to use public transport for about a week until it got fixed.

7. My Emirates business card. Yes I’ve photo-shopped the details out again.  I felt so special receiving these; because not only did the logo sparkle in gold, they were my very first cards that were bi-lingual. On the other side of the card, everything’s written in Arabic.  I found it exciting to see my name written in another language; I then spent hours trying to copy the characters so I could learn how to write my name in Arabic.

8. Recruiter’s business cards. Not quite as exciting as Arabic cards, but before I went to South America, I was in Sydney for a couple of weeks running around seeing recruiters in the hope of securing a job by the time I returned from backpacking. However, seeing these today only served as a reminder of my crappy employment situation.

9. Cinque Terre tickets. This was one of my Mediterranean Summer trips that I took with my ex. It reminds of me that hot summer day in August that we took to the path of the beautiful Cinque Terre; a six hour trek along the coastline of five picture-postcard towns. I remember that night we had dinner at a gorgeous restaurant perched above a cliff in Monterosso, and after stuffing ourselves with seafood, went and got hammered on mojitos at an Irish pub. It was an amazing trip that I still have fond memories of.

10. Australia Sticker. I bought this on my first trip back home after being in Dubai for a year, but I don’t remember why. I bought two of these, and decided I would stick one of them on the bottom right corner of the back windshield of my car to proudly display my Aussie-ness. If you’ve lived in Dubai, you’ll understand what I mean – everyone has stickers of their home country’s flag on their back windscreen!

What are some weird and wonderful items you’ve found crumpled up in your bags?


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