Spirit of the kiwis

Christchurch was shaken up by an earthquake last week, and the death toll stands at over 150 now. As an ex-Kiwi I was most devastated when I first saw the images of the famous cathedral with its spire in crumpled pieces on the plaza below. In 1990, my family took a road trip around the South Island, and we travelled to Christchurch, where we went to the top of this spire, so the news of the earthquake really hit home for me.

In the plaza at the front of the cathedral

My family in the spire at the top

The cathedral after the earthquake

But in the midst of the horrible pictures of flattened buildings and ruined homes, I found this wonderful gem of a home video… its very typical Kiwi and it made me smile on a very crappy news day. Kia Kaha Christchurch!


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