Going latina

So many of you know about my trip. First it was on, then it was off, then it was on again, then shortened, then off, then shortened some more, so now its finally on again. I’m now 5 days away from embarking on my first (maybe last?) solo backpacking trip, ever.

You can see my rough trip itinerary here online.

This is my route, roughly. I’ve done this more as a result of my O.C.D tendencies and fervent need to plan things, rather than as a strict itinerary I must follow (very much my anti-thesis). I suppose on these kind of sojourns, one is required to be adaptable to all sorts of travel opportunities and flexibility is key in finding hidden gems and unique experiences.

This trip has been been almost 4 months in the making, and was originally going to be a six month expedition from Argentina to Alaska. Sadly, due to depleted financial resources, this wasn’t possible. So I’ve decided to do the continent in bits and will start with these countries and continue to see the rest in future travels.

In my preparation, I’ve been trying to learn Spanish. Yes, I know in Brazil they speak Portuguese, but learning two languages was quite a task and I decided to focus on Spanish seeing as I’ll be spending most of my time in Argentina. As a back up though, I downloaded a Portuguese language app on my iPhone, it will be a test to see if I can rely solely on this technology to get me around Brazil!

Learning a new language is actually rather enjoyable. Spanish, being very similar in structure to French (which I’ve studied) is proving to be a lot easier than I thought. It also has some really awesome words and phrases that almost seem natural to say. My favourites so far:

Tengo hambre – I’m hungry – very important for me to know this one, at least I won’t starve

Lo Siento – I’m sorry – will be used in those times when I need people to feel sorry for me because I can’t communicate/can’t do something/have run out of money

Aqui – here – I just like saying this one

Estoy ocupada – I’m busy – handy for those tight situations when you need an excuse not to do something

Estoy cansarda – I’m tired – perhaps to use after a big night out

Thats it for now. I may one day manage to write an entire blog in spanish. One day. I downloaded some language lessons online, they’re manageable, I’m only up to Disc 4 of about 20, I daresay I wont finish it all, however I do have 2 x 14 hour plane trips to sit through. I plan to also enrol in a 5 day language class in Buenos Aires when I arrive to kick start it all.

Do any of my spanish speaking friends have any tips?