Ten things I hate about being unemployed

I’ve been unemployed now for a total of 122 days. Granted, 75% of that was spent on holidays, but the last month to say the least has been boring, tedious and soul-destroying. Unemployment and job hunting, despite the initial delusions of carefree days and endless sleep-ins, is NOT fun. Not after over a month of looking for job. So here’s my top ten of things I HATE about being unemployed.

1. Irregular sleep patterns. Its not great when I do eventually find a job, I will have to go to bed and wake up at ‘normal’ times again.

2. Lack of money. No explanation required. But when you’re going through your backpack fishing for scraps of foreign currency to convert into $AU, its a desperate situation.

3. Cabin fever. Being at home is great, but it is rather soul-destroying

4. Going to job interviews. I live quite a distance away from the city, and a 50 minute commute each way for a half hour interview is an utter waste of my time.

5. Bad taste in television. The longer I am unemployed the more my taste in TV shows deteriorate. Judge Judy anyone?

6. Diet. I’m eating anything and everything that’s in the cupboard, regardless of fat content. And the results aren’t good!

7. Aimless ‘internetting’. I spend a large part of my day going from Facebook link, to blog, to YouTube video, to tweet, to YouTube video, to torrent download, to TV website, to blog, to Facebook…. the cycle is endless and rather mind numbing.

8. Not getting out of pyjamas until absolutely necessary. The latest I’ve gotten out of them was at 7pm. Kind of gross!

9. Not using my brain. This speaks for itself – I’m not making any quick decisions, planning projects, writing emails, having arguments with passive aggressive colleagues – I’m losing my office etiquette altogether.

10. Money! Such an issue I had to mention it twice 😦

Fingers crossed something comes up soon…